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Hi, I’m Maria!

I’m an online inspirer here at Vanelle and your new favourite content creator based in Strasbourg, France. Welcome to my creative space where I share my passion for makeup, interest in style, travel posts and some relatable life stories. Join me on this journey as I rummage my way through Chanel and stroll the boulevard to find the perfect croissant. Allez hop!

My online adventure started in 2016 after my flight to Dubai, that has been a voyage of self transformation. Since then, blogging has become a huge part of my life that you’ll always find me lounging with an iced mocha in hand and writing in my bathrobe. My mission is to help you live your absolute best life, and look good while you do it. Aside from doing social media, I’m a wanderluster at heart discovering the world one day at a time, sipping flat whites, trying yoga poses and always baking camembert on Sunday afternoons with my Frenchy husband.

If you want to know anything else about me, feel free to email me at For PR inquiries, please check my contact page.



With Me

With a passion for helping brands, I am excited to create something beautiful and inspiring together. Feel free to connect if you are interested in collaborating with me or any other inquiries!

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